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A helper to create DST server in Docker

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I've created a project dst_docker (github project page) to help creating dedicated servers easier (with docker). You can easily create your own server on AWS/GCP/Linode/.... with docker!


It uses two shell scripts to create a docker image with DST server software downloaded, and another shell script to create/start/stop/upgrade game server instance.


It's better to have some basic knowledgement about debootstrap before use this tool.

But feel free to use it without any tuning, default values maybe slow at preparing system image but just works.


If any bug, please submit an issue on github, thx.




As version goes to 0.4, it's much easier to use this tool than operate/manage server yourself.

Just in few steps

  1. grab code from github
  2. extract it to somewhere
  3. run "dst.sh install"
  4. make a subfolder in "servers" directory, say named "myserver"
  5. put settings.ini, server_token.txt (optionally dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua and modoverrides.lua if you want to enable some mods) in the "myserver" folder
  6. run "dst.sh create myserver" to create docker container
  7. run "dst.sh start myserver" to start your server
  8. run "dst.sh stop myserver" to stop your server when needed
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