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Anyone mess around with the custom difficulty options to make any challenge runs? I find that you can guide certain mechanics this way to force a certain way of gameplay. For example, I set up the custom rules to alert when guards are KO'ed. I also set the KO time to -1, alarm multiplier up to 5, disabled auto increment, less safes, more consoles, more daemons, 20 rooms per level, more guards. 


This threw most of the smash & grab strategies right out the window and my team wiped on the 2nd mission lol. What this essentially does is make you avoid guards, however there are few safes so you NEED to interact with them in order to earn credits. I threw in more consoles for an out with credits if you have an econ chip or more power to disable cameras and stuff. Also, disabling auto increment technically can let you hang out, accrue power & avoid guards if you need to. I might experiment with enabling auto increment, but I would have to decrease the room amount for balance. 


I think ping and tag pistols would be essential for this build. What completely wrecked me on the 2nd level was a surprised install from an alert daemon. My security level jumped to 3 in a heartbeat and a guard was summoned. It didn't help that all the guard spawns surrounded the exit. Eventually the exit became a hornet's nest and there was just no escape. I have to say... this felt like I was playing a completely different game. 


So pretty much the custom difficulty option is a simple way to "mod" your game. Anyone else try it? Other than the +99 KO feature of course. It'd be interesting to see if the community can come up with more options in the custom difficulty section. I think playing around with the hour feature was mentioned. I'd love to see a 10-15 day campaign so I can face a level 10 omnicorp :p

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