Exp[Iron] & Exp+ Complete! Feedback and thoughts!

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Ridiculously fun. Lots of replayability.


Expert Ironman run was Archive Xu/Sharpe, Seed/Rapier. Second was Archive Banks/Internationale, Seed/Lockpick.


Almost tableflipped on my first ironman expert run. Got to the last level, starting room had *four* entrances, with *two* patrols entering from different sides, covering nearly the entire room. After the peeks, didn't have enough time to move out of the way. Things fell apart fast.


Actually sold all my weapons before the second mission for my Expert+ run - it let me max out International's hacking! Gotta get those extra econ chip creds! Doing an entire level without weapons was amazing, and I'm really impressed that the game's well enough designed for such things to be possible.


Knocked out fives guards simultaneously with one shock trap on the final level, making for an easy win (and an instant alarm level boost, aha).


Common Strategies & Tricks:

*Guards see surprisingly little, and are really good at making blindfolded pirouettes. Pay close attention to how their line of sight changes with movement and direction, and you'll realize how much you can get away with when sneaking!

*Don't be afraid to get noticed! Using the notice zones to kite guards is ludicrously effective with properly planning.

*Using running (and teamwork) to also kite guards can be used to great effect. Note that guards can only hear an agent five tiles away.

*Don't be afraid to run in scouted areas! Time is of the essence!

*Guards will notice if you open a door behind them! Extremely helpful for rooms blocked off by stationary guards (stationary guards are the worst)

*TAG pistols and the holographic projector are extremely useful. Try 'em out.



The good:

*The number of ways to manipulate guards is incredible. Other than the last level, a completely pacifist run seems extremely possible (the first four or five levels of my expert plus were pacifist)

*Huge variety in agents, programs, and items.

*Loved the story & style.

*it's a ludicrously fun game


The bad (these are nitpicks):
*Pathing will just as happily take watched paths as it will unwatched. There were a few frustrating moments when I had planned out a perfectly safe route, and clicked without paying attention, leading me straight into gunbarrel. Some kind of confirmation screen when entering watch zones would've been nice, honestly.

*There were a couple rooms I encountered over sessions covered by stationary guards in such a way that ping, cloak, or weapons had to be used to get past - they were out of hearing range, didn't have any accessible notice zones, and didn't have any alternate routes of access.

*VOLT disruptors seemed utterly use

*Daemons either felt too crippling to risk springing, or pretty much utterly insignificant. I forget if Authority spawns a guard in hunt mode, but

*The formula for the vault access code missions got kinda old - Mimemic Defense Training?!? What! That Is Completely Unexpected.

*Augments felt... Subpar. Most of them enhanced combat abilities, which isn't that useful once you're able to go through entire levels without an alert. The only one I recall having fun with was the +AP after hacking aug. The one that increases drag speed is especially sad.

*I felt there were too many variations of lethal (and nonlethal) ranged weapons, with too insignificant of differences. The 1-ammo weapons seemed useless. The 2/3 ammo KO guns seemed far too similar in effect, and completely overshadowed by their big brother. Consolidating the letal/KO weapons down to three levels seems prudent, and also would better fit the overall 3-level theme.

*Why does the level-3 VOLT disruptor cost *five* power? Who would *ever* use that? If anything, the power cost for those weapons should stay the same, or go down. 




*Almost never ended up using his daemon-sniffer. His cloaking rig is fantastic for new players, though.

*Archive Deckard's passive seems cute!


*Wireless scanner/hacker is ludicrously strong, saving on AP and giving valuable information. 

*Archive's passive seems horrible - I'm usually done hacking by the end of the second alarm level. 


*Being able to unlock security doors is a godsend.

*Archive's econ chip makes for absolutely gigantic cash flow source - I had hacking maxed out for the second mission, and was making 350+ per console. It probably needs to be fixed in some manner. Rather than an econ chip, perhaps she could get some kind of bonus when stealing from (upright) guards?



Dr. Xu:

*Loved his archive version's passive. Loaded him up with three buster chips and an econ - the power was flowin'.

*Never played vanilla Xu. Guess it'd be nice for opening safes.


*Nika with a TAG pistol is hilarious


*I love the flavour... But most of the augments never really felt significant enough to me.


*Never liked installing daemons. Maybe I'll try a Faust run some day.


*Seems like a coolguy. His ability isn't as strong as Archive Bank's econ chip, but that's probably a good thing.


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