[Gameplay] - Courier/hostage inventory contents lost on level completion

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: Mac

Issue Title: Courier/hostage inventory contents lost on level completion

Issue Description: Upon successfully escaping a level, the hostage I rescued took the item I'd put in his inventory away with him, which seems a little ungrateful. Presumably I could have overburdened an agent once I reached the exit, but he looked so trustworthy!

Maybe it's just a "now you know better" thing, but the fact that he was a controllable character with an accessible inventory made it seem plausible that the item would go into my storage rather than disappearing.

Steps to Reproduce: - Rescue a hostage in a campaign level

- Put an item in their one inventory slot

- Successfully leave the level with the hostage and all agents

- Yoink!

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