[Gameplay] - Map mismatch between server and client.


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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Map mismatch between server and client.

Issue Description: When I join another game there are items in the water. The edges of the land are not the same for my game as it is for the server. When I host a game the same error is experienced by people who join.

Steps to Reproduce: Not sure. Was working fine on Sunday (17/05), experiencing this problem today (19/05).

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I've done some further investigation. It seem to be an issue cause by the game not being able too write to the saves and settings files under Documents. 


Not sure how to fix it though.

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I also have this issue. I have tested this with both me playing on other people's server, and other people playing on mine.


When client-based player tries to run over what the hosts sees as water, the client-based player jumps back to "true land." The client player can see the host run over what seems to be water.



Screenshot attached


Screenshot of client-based player seeing host (me) on water. For me this was light-green forest.

Screenshot of host's map

Screenshot of client-based player's map




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