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Need help with a custom item

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I'm trying to add a sword item to a character I'm making for their starting item that functions similarly to Lucy in the sense that it has dialgue. But I keep getting errors claiming that its say function is nil even after I defined the strings in the mainmod.lua. My dialogue code is basically just a mismatched version of Lucy's.

-- KAJ: TODO MP_TALK - there's a lot of Say() in here-- KAJ: TODO Strings assume woodielocal SentientAxe = Class(function(self, inst)    self.inst = inst    self.time_to_convo = 10    self.inst:ListenForEvent("equipped", function(_, data) self:OnEquipped(data.owner) end)	self.inst:ListenForEvent("onpickup", function(_, data) self:OnPickedUp(data.owner) end)    local dt = 5    self.inst:DoPeriodicTask(dt, function() self:OnUpdate(dt) end)    self.warnlevel = 0	self.OnDroppedClosure = function() self:OnDropped() end	self.OnFinishedWorkClosure = function(_,data) self:OnFinishedWork(data.target, data.action) endend)function SentientAxe:SetOwner(owner)	if owner then		if owner ~= self.owner then		    self.inst:ListenForEvent("ondropped", self.OnDroppedClosure)		    self.inst:ListenForEvent("finishedwork", self.OnFinishedWorkClosure, owner)		end	else		if self.owner then			-- remove owner specific listeners		    self.inst:RemoveEventCallback("ondropped", self.OnDroppedClosure)		    self.inst:RemoveEventCallback("finishedwork", self.OnFinishedWorkClosure, self.owner)		end	end	self.owner = ownerendfunction SentientAxe:OnHaunted()    local snd = {"dontstarve/characters/woodie/lucy_warn_1", "dontstarve/characters/woodie/lucy_warn_2"}    self:Say(STRINGS.ECHO.on_haunted, snd[math.random(#snd)])endfunction SentientAxe:OnPickedUp(owner)	self:SetOwner(owner)endfunction SentientAxe:OnFinishedWork(target, action)        --self:Say(STRINGS.ECHO.on_chopped)    if action == ACTIONS.CHOP and         self.inst.components.inventoryitem.owner and self.inst.components.inventoryitem.owner:HasTag("player") and         self.inst.components.equippable:IsEquipped() then        self:Say(STRINGS.ECHO.on_chopped)    end	endfunction SentientAxe:OnDropped()	assert(self.owner)	if self.owner and self.owner.prefab == "elizabeth" then		self:Say(STRINGS.ECHO.on_dropped)		--end		self:SetOwner(nil)	endendfunction SentientAxe:OnEquipped(picked_up_by)	self:SetOwner(picked_up_by)    if picked_up_by:HasTag("player") then		if picked_up_by.prefab == "elizabeth" then        self:Say(STRINGS.ECHO.on_pickedup)		else		self:Say(STRINGS.ECHO.other_owner)		end    endendfunction SentientAxe:OnUpdate(dt)    self.time_to_convo = self.time_to_convo - dt    if self.time_to_convo <= 0 then        self:MakeConversation()    endendfunction SentientAxe:MakeConversation()        local grand_owner = self.inst.components.inventoryitem:GetGrandOwner()    local owner = self.inst.components.inventoryitem.owner    local quiplist = nil    if owner and owner:HasTag("player") then        if self.inst.components.equippable:IsEquipped() and owner.prefab == "elizabeth" and owner.components.beaverness:GetPercent() < .25 then            --currently equipped            quiplist = STRINGS.ECHO.equipped        elseif self.inst.components.equippable:IsEquipped() and owner.prefab == "elizabeth" then        elseif self.inst.components.equippable:IsEquipped() then            --in player inventory            quiplist = STRINGS.ECHO.other_owner        end    elseif owner == nil then        --on the ground        quiplist = STRINGS.ECHO.on_ground    elseif grand_owner and grand_owner ~= owner and grand_owner:HasTag("player")  then        --in a backpack        quiplist = STRINGS.ECHO.in_container    elseif owner and owner.components.container then        --in a container        quiplist = STRINGS.ECHO.in_container    else        --owned by someone else        quiplist = STRINGS.ECHO.other_owner    end    if quiplist then        self:Say(quiplist)    endendreturn SentientAxe

am I doing it wrong?

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Here's my error message if it helps. 

[string"../mods/Elizabeth/scripts/components/sentie..."]:137: attempt to call method 'Say'(a nil value)LUA ERROR stack traceback:  ../mods/Elizabeth/scripts/components/sentientaxe/lua:137 in (method) OnEquiped(Lua)<133-142>  ../mods/Elizabeth/scripts/components/sentientaxe/lua:78 in (local) fn (Lua) <78-78>  scripts/entityscript.lua:935 in (method) PushEvent (Lua) <929-952>  scripts/components/equippable.lua:72 in (method) epuip(Lua) <62-74>  scripts/components/inventory.lua:815 in () ? (Lua) <752-829>  =tail call):-1 in () (tail) <-1--1>  scripts/bufferedaction.lua:22 in (method) Do (Lua) <19-35>	
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@synthmilieu Do you have a function called Say in that script?


(copied from sentientaxe.lua)

function SentientAxe:Say(list, sound_override)    self.sound_override = sound_override    self.inst.components.talker:Say(list[math.random(#list)])    self.time_to_convo = math.random(60, 120)end
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