[9PM ET] Streaming Invisible Inc LIVE TONIGTH on Twitch! Join the spy squad tonight!

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Hey Invisible Inc Fans!


We're streaming Invisible Inc LIVE every night at 9PM Eastern Time over at www.twitch.tv/dolphinchemist so come join the fun NOW! We're ramping up to the highest difficulty and other crazy Invisible Inc challenge runs. Drop into the chat and let us know what runs you'd love to see!


Here's a link to the channel: www.twitch.tv/dolphinchemist


Over at the channel we play all sorts of Rogue-like games, and Invisible Inc is our top right now! We also play games like FTL, Darkest Dungeon, and XCOM. It's a great stream to come chill out and end your day, plus we're ALWAYS looking for a challenge!


You can also follow the channel to know whenever I go live. Plus, if you follow, you might end up on the squad itself!!


See you there,



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