[General] - Hacked camera doesn't show its full view

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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Hacked camera doesn't show its full view

Issue Description: After my Parasite 2.0 have hacked one of the cameras on a mission, this camera doesn't show me the full vision of it, only a part of the room.

It happened twice in the last two of three missions but I did screenshot only once. I also have save made right after it happened (2nd slot), and system info from F1 key:

BUILD[branches/Launch.136530] LUA[136551] USER[42836862@steam]

OS: Windows (WOW64).6.1.1DB1

GAME [0.17.2].7.-1.20.10.security.sankaku.2160972291

Steps to Reproduce: Hack the cameras, it happens from time to time but I'm not sure what causes such behavior.

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