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[Exploit] - Exploit: You can (still) use a paralyzer on a drone

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BrownKnight    5

Bug Submission:

Category: Exploit

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Exploit: You can (still) use a paralyzer on a drone

Issue Description: While you are not supposed to be able to use a paralyzer on drones, you can do so if they are down in the same tile as a human guard. Simply look for the icon to use the paralyzer on the drone and click.

Steps to Reproduce: Down a guard, (not kill them) hack a drone, move the hacked drone into the guards tile, then while the guard is out and the drone is rebooting, move a character with a paralyzer into the same tile. (I used Banks and her custom paralyzer when I saw/did this.) Two different paralyze icons show up, one uses it on the guard, the other uses it on the drone, adding turns to the drones recovery time as if it was a human.

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