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Well I just beat this and...

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Damashii    1

Hey there, if you didn't get from the title I just beat MotN (The Special Edition) and would simply like to give a thank you for the wonderful job you have done from both the standpoint of a stealth fan and an aspiring game design student (grades depending, but damn it I'll try even if I don't get into uni).


Not only have you given me some hope for stealth games as a whole (and done it without holding my hand the entire way, looking at you Assassin's Creed if you could call that stealth on the whole) but the fact you added commentary has made me a very happy college student; I am currently in the brainstorming stages for several ideas (most of which probably won't get past that but I don't think I need to tell the professionals that that's how it goes) and the fact that you have given valuable insight into how it actually is making a game for real has been incredibly helpful. The little tidbits strewn throughout in the relevant areas are really helping me formulate mechanic ideas and see what is actually pretty damn hard to do in terms of making it work outside of theory.


Also, whoever came up with the idea for silhouetting characters in darkness so as to not jeopardise visibility for the player, you deserve a high five.


Anyway I've rambled long enough so I'll just say thanks again for the experience and go off to firstly attempt a non-lethal run and then play through the game (many more times) thoroughly analyzing each aspect of it for inspiration and to get a better grasp of what works well and what things I might do differently in given situations (though admittedly probably for the worse)


Definitely the best game I have played in a very long time.

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What type of game are you brainstorming? is it going to be a stealth game? Modern stealth games suck in my opinion, wasn't impressed by the last few splinter cell games even the new hitman game sucked.

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