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Custom Item Error

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I have  a custom item, a katana, and there seems to be an error in it. The katana works fine in game, but the only problem is when you drop it. When you do drop it, the image does not show for it. I have the anim .zip for it with the correct atlas-0. I have the anim traced back in the prefab lua too. I'm not too good with lua. Please help. 

Thank you in advance,


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@Justintime235, what did you touch.




I could see the katana on the floor.

Oh wow I'm dumb. When you helped me with the other problem I kept inst.AnimState:SetBank("katana") and  changed the inst.AnimState:SetBuild("katana") to ("sandai"). I don't know how I didn't notice that when I looked it over. Thank you very much!

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