[Client Crash] - Can't find friends' server


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Bug Submission:

Category: Client Crash

Issue Title: Can't find friends' server

Issue Description: Hi,

I've just bought the access to the beta of Don't Starve Together for me and my girlfriend but we can't play together.

She use a macbook and I try with both my macbook or my Windows PC, we are all connected to the same Wifi network.

If one of us create a server, the other one can't see it. We try every possibilities:

- Offline

- Online > Online

- Online > LAN

- friend restricted

- with password

- full open

We never see the other's server in the list.

We can both join a third party server and it works, we are together, but we would like to host our own server for our private game.

The Steam indicator in lower right corner indicate "Online" for both, we don't have any mods installed.

Steam does not propose to join the friend.

What can we do?

Thank you.

Steps to Reproduce: It never works, we create a server on one of the computers and the other can't see it.

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