[Gameplay] - Buzzard city(?) - amazing amount of buzzards


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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Buzzard city(?) - amazing amount of buzzards

Issue Description: More than 50 shadows of Buzzards circling around an area in the desert biome.

It caused a lot of lag when walking in the shadows.

I did not try to put meat on the ground because I didn't want to crash the server I was playing on.

I have no log file because it's not my server.

Steps to Reproduce: I was playing on a random server, I explored a bit and found the dragonfly in the desert biome.

Later a player got killed by the dragonfly and after I went to revive him I found an amazing amount of buzzards flying above my character.

There were quite a lot of lag spikes when walking near the shadows.

When walking far enough the lag stopped.

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