[General] - Game crash after killing catcoon


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Game crash after killing catcoon

Issue Description: On my recently started server, i keep crashing every time i kill 2 catcoons in short succesion

theres 2 spawns near my base, and every time i tried to kill em both (the catcoons, not the spawning areas) the game crashed,

Tried rehosting and doing it again, same result, tried restarting pc, then rehosting, same result.

Playing as wigfrid, no mods

couldnt find the other 2 files .. sry :$

Steps to Reproduce: uhm killing 2 catcoons in a row as wigfrid i suppose?

(which is weird cause a day before we killed about 15 without problems ....

maybe killing the catcoons after killing krampus? ( we did kill krampus before that)

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