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My biggest problem with DST is adjusting to the fact that looking at the map doesn't actually stop what is going on around you.  I know that this is the way it has to be because of multiplayer.  For me this is a big issue because I have a habit of constantly rotating my camera view to be behind the character, so quite often I become disoriented because of this and need to check my map.  That being said, I have died a lot/nearly died with my map open.  And even though I am getting better at being more careful with this, sometimes I need it to get back to my camp in time before dark while I am being chased by a mob.  I know there is a minimap HUD mod that exists which is a wonderful idea.  I have not tried it yet myself, but from what I read is that people have experienced significant FPS drops (almost cut in half) when in a certain environment or when a large portion of the "fog of war" is lifted(Aka the more on the map that is discovered, the more the game lags).  Is there anything that Klei may have in development to optimize the way this works?  The developer of the mod has hinted that the game may not be built to graphically render both at the same time.  May I suggest possibly a second/separate windowed screen of just the map for dual screen support?  That would just be so epic to be able to have the map displayed 24/7 on a second screen.


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