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LF people to play with(US).

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First off, I like to play with plentiful supplies(lots of rocks, grass, berries, etc). I know not a whole lot of people prefer that, but I find wandering around and gathering rather tedious. I can make a server(not sure how the ping will be) or you or someone else can.

I do have a few preferred mods. Those are PickyPickyPicky(must have IMO), Faster Chopping, and Global Player Icons(this one I could go either way for). If you have other preferred mods, let me know, I'll get 'em too.

So yeah, anyone is welcome. Just going to list the settings I prefer. I'm willing to find some middle ground if it isn't agreeable with you.

Long days, long autumn, long spring, less rain, more skeletons.
Lots of flowers, grass, saplings, boulders, flint, berries, carrots.
More rabbits, beefalo, spiders.
No gobblers.

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