[Server Crash] - Random disconnection logged properly this time.

T.L. Works

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Bug Submission:

Category: Server Crash

Issue Title: Random disconnection logged properly this time.

Issue Description: [00:14:41]: [OFF:KU_-1kn9XjJ] ReceiveRemoteExecute(c_announce("Lag/Rubberbanding upon joining? Let the game sink in!", 120)) @(-55.37, -130.12)

[00:14:49]: ID_CONNECTION_LOST|63792

[00:14:49]: ID_CONNECTION_LOST|56932

[00:14:49]: ID_CONNECTION_LOST|62610

[00:14:49]: ID_CONNECTION_LOST|56440

[00:15:12]: New incoming connection|58900

[00:15:12]: ValidateGameSessionToken token: EprJG/AHBv3nIishmEiToBoaP4lwLEPj for: 693554346253309106

[00:15:12]: SendHandShakeServerListing

[00:15:12]: ReceiveAuthenticationBlob

[00:15:12]: Serializing user minimap to session/02B0028EB660CCD8/KU_-1kn9XjJ_/minimap

[00:15:12]: Serializing user session to session/02B0028EB660CCD8/KU_-1kn9XjJ_/0000000005

[00:15:12]: Serializing user session to session/02B0028EB660CCD8/KU_4opv-cqc_/0000000005

[00:15:12]: Serializing user session to session/02B0028EB660CCD8/KU_qzO94eo9_/0000000005

[00:15:12]: Serializing user session to session/02B0028EB660CCD8/KU_z7h4AG6Y_/0000000005

[00:15:20]: ReceiveResumeRequest

[00:15:20]: Received request to resume from: session/02B0028EB660CCD8/KU_4opv-cqc_/0000000005

[00:15:20]: OnResumeRequestLoadComplete - UserID KU_4opv-cqc

[00:15:20]: [Load] SPAWNING PLAYER AT: (-281.89, 0.00, -381.67)

Steps to Reproduce: Random occurring, no idea how to fix this.

OS: Windows Server 2008 R2

tick_rate: 10

Dedicated Machine

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