[Server Crash] - Not really a crash, but whenever I leave as server key holder, everyone gets disconnected.

T.L. Works

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Bug Submission:

Category: Server Crash

Issue Title: Not really a crash, but whenever I leave as server key holder, everyone gets disconnected.

Issue Description: Random disconnections happening:

[00:14:51]: Retching: 4 0.2 0.13443403424177

[00:15:42]: ID_CONNECTION_LOST|3489

[00:15:42]: ID_CONNECTION_LOST|62516

[00:15:42]: ID_CONNECTION_LOST|55561

[00:15:42]: ID_CONNECTION_LOST|53779

[00:15:42]: ID_CONNECTION_LOST|63983

Disconnect onLeave:

[01:19:11]: Serializing world session to session/0960028BC10CFA87/0000000012

[01:19:13]: Could not find anim [idle] in bank [OUTOFSPACE]

[01:19:15]: Retching: 3 0.26666666666667 0.16498306222724

[01:19:17]: Could not find anim [idle] in bank [OUTOFSPACE]

[01:19:26]: ID_CONNECTION_LOST|57690

[01:19:26]: Serializing user minimap to session/0960028BC10CFA87/KU_-1kn9XjJ_/minimap

[01:19:26]: Serializing user session to session/0960028BC10CFA87/KU_-1kn9XjJ_/0000000013

[01:19:33]: ID_CONNECTION_LOST|39585

[01:19:34]: Serializing user session to session/0960028BC10CFA87/KU_PTIyC6uq_/0000000013

[01:19:36]: ID_CONNECTION_LOST|56531

[01:19:37]: Serializing user session to session/0960028BC10CFA87/KU_356FxMLf_/0000000013

[01:19:39]: ID_CONNECTION_LOST|50533

[01:19:39]: ID_CONNECTION_LOST|61075

[01:19:39]: ID_CONNECTION_LOST|51717

[01:19:39]: Serializing user session to session/0960028BC10CFA87/KU_MAlmRV3t_/0000000013

[01:19:39]: Serializing user session to session/0960028BC10CFA87/KU_hH5YG53W_/0000000013

[01:19:40]: Serializing user session to session/0960028BC10CFA87/KU_qzO94eo9_/0000000013

[01:19:52]: Could not find anim [idle] in bank [OUTOFSPACE]

[01:19:54]: Could not find anim [idle] in bank [OUTOFSPACE]

I seriously am clueless on how to fix this, all I know that it's rather frustrating. I am using Peerblock and would like to request if I possibly have to whitelist certain IP adresses to prevent this from happening.

My server's OS is Windows Server 2008 R2, tried running with every compatibility but nothing really helped or changed.

Using tick_rate 10

Steps to Reproduce: When I as server key holder of the dedicated server leave.

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