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Starting to piss me off now.

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Going to be straight forward. Fix the issue if the key holder of the server leaves, everyone else disconnects after. This happens with and without mods and it's starting to annoy me deeply. Can't even relog without losing players.

[01:19:11]: Serializing world session to session/0960028BC10CFA87/0000000012[01:19:13]: Could not find anim [idle] in bank [OUTOFSPACE][01:19:15]: Retching:	3	0.26666666666667	0.16498306222724	[01:19:17]: Could not find anim [idle] in bank [OUTOFSPACE][01:19:26]: ID_CONNECTION_LOST|57690[01:19:26]: Serializing user minimap to session/0960028BC10CFA87/KU_-1kn9XjJ_/minimap[01:19:26]: Serializing user session to session/0960028BC10CFA87/KU_-1kn9XjJ_/0000000013[01:19:33]: ID_CONNECTION_LOST|39585[01:19:34]: Serializing user session to session/0960028BC10CFA87/KU_PTIyC6uq_/0000000013[01:19:36]: ID_CONNECTION_LOST|56531[01:19:37]: Serializing user session to session/0960028BC10CFA87/KU_356FxMLf_/0000000013[01:19:39]: ID_CONNECTION_LOST|50533[01:19:39]: ID_CONNECTION_LOST|61075[01:19:39]: ID_CONNECTION_LOST|51717[01:19:39]: Serializing user session to session/0960028BC10CFA87/KU_MAlmRV3t_/0000000013[01:19:39]: Serializing user session to session/0960028BC10CFA87/KU_hH5YG53W_/0000000013[01:19:40]: Serializing user session to session/0960028BC10CFA87/KU_qzO94eo9_/0000000013[01:19:52]: Could not find anim [idle] in bank [OUTOFSPACE][01:19:54]: Could not find anim [idle] in bank [OUTOFSPACE]
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