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Making some items uncraftable by a certain character

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Hi, I was trying to figure out a way to set it so my custom character is unable to craft anything that uses living animals in the recipe. Any help would be much apreciated. I would assume there's something I can do with the builder component but I don't really know.

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So, inside your character's prefab:

local forbidden = {    minerhat = true,    pumpkin_lantern = true,    beebox = true,    beemine = true,    researchlab4 = true,    rainhat = true,    earmuffshat = true,}local function common_postinit(inst)    inst:DoTaskInTime(0, function()        local old = inst.replica.builder.CanLearn        function inst.replica.builder:CanLearn(recname)            if forbidden[recname] then                return false            else                return old(self, recname)            end        end    end)end
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Thanks much, worked perfectly. Is there something similar to CanLearn I can use to make the same items unable to be used if someone hands them to the character or they're picked up? Or would I need to do something that would check for certain items in the inventory and make the character drop them?

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