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DST disconnecting!

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Hi Klei,


I'm a huge fan of the original DS, definitely fantastic game. And I purchased DST for me and my friends two months ago (I still remember Wickerbottom can make battle spear then!) I've been playing DST with more than 5 of my friends until now. Lets name them ABCDE and I'll describe the situation here.


First out, I want to say that I have a windows machine with i7-4790k + nvidia GTX780 ( 3GB) + 16 GB RAM + 256G SSD( where i installed my game) + 2TB HDD , so the rig shouldn't be a problem. I use Xfinity internet server, rent router from the ISP. And  friend A, B, C, D, E are all using campus network.


The first time I play DST was with A and B (back in the days you can make battle spear with Wickerbottom! and miners hat I believe). We were all new to game but the connection was perfect, ping was below 70 and we really enjoyed the game. In late March when I played with A again, he kept disconnecting from my server(not a dedicated server, since I can't even connect to my own dedicated server! even if i connect, the lag is real on the same machine!) When I asked him to host, I kept disconnecting from his server as well. Being the one playing on another server, we both experienced the same issue. Ping started at 59 and after a few minutes at most, we just couldn't pick up anything, and right after that we disconnect. An interesting fact was that sometimes the ping shown in the list of servers is 800ish, but the ping shown in game was never above 70. 


I can play with C a few months back and after some patches, I played with him a week ago, the same disconnecting issue happens. ( we just kept discoonecting from each other's server every few minutes, sometimes, 30s) The ping was slightly worse, around 90. 


With D and E, it is quite funny; they are in the same general region (NewYork, I'm in Boston), the first time I played with D and E, D said the game was smooth, E just kept disconnecting although he says the game was smooth as well; not so often as the ones mentioned before, E disconnects around every 10-20 minutes(accurate!). Later after the lag from game trying to show list of server was patched, D and E disconnects every 5-10 minutes(relatively shorter than 10-20 minutes).


Ah! I forgot to mention, the first time I played with all 5 of them at different times, it is really laggy at the server screen, 1000+ servers to be shown. So I guess it was before the patch that fixes this lag. 

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