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OKAY (update 3) THOMAS the cat thingy

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i'm sorry the mod got deleted when i was cleaning my computer if you guys want me to still make the mod that's fine ill still make it but in a different way so this is the last update to update this mod, another thing is that my friend got tied up with his personal life so he cant do the art so if any one wants to do the art shoot me a request on my steam name


Dashie's lover 

for those that have been waiting for this to come out im sorry but i need a new partner i'm changing from one level of schooling to another and to reconstitute the mod if no one wants it would be a waste so if you guys want me to still make the mod ill do it


Thank you for being with the mod if you have been with me and Thomas the whole time or at any point ill find a way to make it up to you



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