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joining server using several chars/ resetting server

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Hello folks


I've got my dedicated 2 days ago and would like to know if there;s any way to join an endless server using different characters. It's a pain in the ass to play with the same if I'm just testing him out and don;t want to continue anymore. Does server_save_slot = 1 have anything to do with what I'm asking?

Also how do I reset a server? 


I would also like to talk with players through the web console... what's the command for chatting?

I haven't managed to find how to enter god mode either, to remove different things from the server... little help?



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You can use the command:


to despawn a player. x is the number of the player in the table you open while pressing tab.

After being despawned, they will be asked to pick a new character.


In the console, you can use:


to list all players if you don't have access to the tab.


To reset the server, you use:


with save = true, if you want to save, save = false if not.


To reset the world, you use:


To announce things on top of the screen, you use:

c_announce("Hello World")

More commands are available in consolecommands.lua.

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Ok it's working :D thanks... any idea how to make it work using game console as well?

  • server_save_slot = value - what does this do?
  • god mode please? :D
  • where do I find consolecommands.lua?
  • I tried to make custom presets for the map, but it didn't work. I read on the website that I need to write the parameters in worldgenoverride.lua. Is that correct? Where do I place that file? Where my settings.ini, server_token.txt and mods files are? and after I just reset world and new custom map is generated?

Thanks for your help :) I'm really new with this stuff.

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server save slot specifies the number when the world save file is generated, like survival_1.


Godmode is c_godmode(), after running SetDebugEntity(AllPlayers[x]), or else you may apply godmode to somebody else.


consolecommands.lua is inside SteamApps/commob/Don't Starve Together Beta/data/scripts.


worldgenoverride.lua is read when generating a new world, yes, and it goes with settings.ini and server_token, yes.

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great it works... but I couldn't use worldgenoverride.lua until I would reinstall my server. it would keep getting stuck in an endless loop. I would be able even to run it without mods. I have trouble understanding why the server gets broken so bad so easily that I always have to back up everything and copy paste it back after I reinstall the server.

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