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Custom character model error


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I have a problem with creating don't starve character.
I try to create own files and don't work.
I try to rename all files from 'Ruki character mod' and heve this error:


This is link to my files:

I would be grateful for any help :-)

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You are either incorrectly specifying the animation files, or they are broken/missing.


You can check where along the line your animations are failing by opening the console in game, and entering: SetDebugEntity(GetPlayer())


After you hit enter, press backspace to open up the debug overlay (then press Ctrl+L to hide the console text so it doesn't get in the way.)


On the left toward the top, you can see which file the game is attempting to load for your animation, as well as if there is an error loading the bank, build, or anim.

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