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Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: The heat it burns

Issue Description: While trying to prevent a forest fire from spreading any further my character's temp got enough to start losing health from burning. The problem was that my temp. would not go down from 72 C even after the fire stopped with the atmosphere temp at about 12-14 C (I think). This left me constantly taking damage with no stop in sight. I was able to fix this by shutting down the server I was hosting and starting it back up. The fire had ended when I shut down the server and when I started it up again my temp was at 36 C. No clue if it could be related but I was playing as the mod character Mitsuru, with a friend playing as Wilson (who started the fire), and another friend as Webber. The fire started on evergreen trees and had been going on for a long time by the time I had started trying to stop it from spreading closer to our base and was only burning evergreen trees as far as I remember on my screen when I was putting out smolders.

Steps to Reproduce: Not real sure it might have something to do with reaching a high enough temp at the same time as taking damage from putting out a smoldering object in this case a tree. All I know is that I was putting out smoldering trees when they appeared and eventually reached a high enough temp to take damage but my temp would not go down. Not sure but for a bit my temp may have been able to go down once from a damaging level before getting stuck but it is hard to tell that while getting warning visuals and also taking damage from putting out smoldering trees.

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