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Changing segment time on a dedicated server?

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is it possible to change segment time on a dedicated server? I believe the default segment time is 30 seconds, which makes in-game days be 8 minutes long (16 segments).


As changing the number of segments per day seemed to cause a crash, I was left wondering would it be possible to make segments themselves a bit shorter.


Reason I'm asking this, is that we'll be running a couple of 100-120 minute game sessions, and with default settings that would mean around only 13 in-game days per session. If segments were a bit faster, say 5 minutes per in-game day, then that 100+ minute game session would fit 22 days in it: just enought for a season change at the end of the session.

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I tried running Take Your Time mod, and it seems to work somewhat. Unfortunately I was unable to change the timer once the game was running: It seems that the mod is making some calls in a deprecated format (GetWorld() instead of TheWorld), At least I got a error message on server window and the day timer didn't change.


Anyways, I think I found another solution to my problem: I'll just use short seasons on the map and push the start of the map to around day 4. That should allow a season change after about 100 minutes of gameplay, assuming short seasons are about 15 days long.

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