[Server Crash] - Withered berry bushes causing crashes


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Bug Submission:

Category: Server Crash

Issue Title: Withered berry bushes causing crashes

Issue Description: A few days after finishing the summer season, the DST RoG server I was running started experiencing some crashes related to berry bushes according to the error that popped up. Upon further investigation we found some berry bushes look normal but if you hover your mouse over them it says they are withered and cannot be fertilized. When shoveled up and destroyed the crashes stopped completely.

Steps to Reproduce: 1: Find a withered berry bush that looks normal a few days after summer finishes.

2: Stay within range of it and wait.

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I can confirm that this is happening as well. I started up my server, it was about 1 day left of summer.  I had 8 withered berry bushes in my base that I had planted and fertilized.  About 20 seconds after loading the game, I got the LUA berry bush error that appeared to reference a regrow cycle count, possibly the bush going through the berry respawn process or something.  I reloaded the game, and immediately dug up all 8 berry bushes as fast as I could and no crash happened. 


Several game days later in the same game, I was walking through a forest and got the same LUA error, probably due to a berry bush in the vicinity. 

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