[Gameplay] - Infinite rabbits or vanished rabbits.


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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay
Issue Title: Infinite rabbits or vanished rabbits.
Issue Description:


So long as there are traps , we can be got infinite morsels.

We just have only to kill a rabbit when trap catched rabbit.


Sometimes rabbits vanished like magic show even if trap catched rabbit.


Not only morsel but also nightmare fuel/beard hair can be got if you have low sanity.

I'm going to upload video for help your quickly understand.

Steps to Reproduce:


1. Drop rabbit.

2. Set trap on rabbit.

3. Kill rabbit when the trap catch rabbit.

4. You can be got both rabbit and morsel.

5. Repeated.


Sometimes rabbit have vanished if you didn't kill rabbit with using trap.

Please focus on video when durability of trap is 13%.



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