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A pack of hounds (shia labouff parody)

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A Pack of Hounds


You're walking in the woods.

There's no one around,

And your light is dead.

Out of the corner of your eye you spot them,

a pack of hounds.


They're following you About 30 feet back.

They get down on all fours and break into a sprint.

They're gaining on you.

a pack of hounds.


You're looking for your camp,

But you're all turned around.

They're almost upon you now And you can see there's blood on their face!

My god, there's blood everywhere!


Running for your life (From a pack of hounds)

eyes as cold as ice. (It's a pack of hounds.)

Lurking in the shadows

gonna rekt your face it's a pack of hounds.

Living in the woods, (a pack of hounds.)

Killing cuz they can, (a pack of hounds.)

Eating all your dropped food,

Actual trollers- a pack of hounds.


Now it's dark and you seem to have lost them,

But you're hopelessly lost yourself.

Stranded with one carrot,

You creep silently through the berrybrush.

A-ha! In the distance,

A small pighouse with a light on.


You move stealthily toward it,

But your leg! AH! It's caught by a tentacle!


Gnawing off your leg,

(musical instrument sound.)

Limping toward the pighouse,

(musical instrument sound.)

Now you're on the doorstep,

wont let you inside, (scumbag pig).

Sharpening their teeth, (a pack of hounds.)

But they doesn't hear you whimper, (a pack of hounds.)

You're sneaking up behind them.

Strangling hopelessly with a pack of hounds.


Fighting for your life with a pack of hounds,

grabbing a spear to fight a pack of hounds,

Stab them in their kidney.

Safe at last from a pack of hounds.


You limp into the dark woods,

Blood oozing from your stump leg.

But you have won.

You have beaten a pack of hounds.


Wait! you're gonna die (hunger surprise)

There's no berrybush ahead nor a carrot in sight

But you can still eat some monster meat

grabbing all the meat from a pack of hounds


Legendary meal of a pack of hounds

sanity drops fast cuz of a pack of hounds

You try to forget the pack of hounds

But sanity's draining fast from your small brain


You're searching for your camp,your sanity has left

You turn fast to the right, and don't even look back

You're finally in your camp now

survived an attack of a pack of hounds


you barely stand near the fire, expressionless

You fall to your knees and catch your breath

You're finally safe from the pack of hounds ...


Since the song came out not long ago I thought to give it a shot and make a parody, hope you like it ^^.

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