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Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Floating/sliding items

Issue Description: Sometimes items will slide (sometimes a great distance) as you try to pick them up. They shift whenever you run into them slightly but this includes trying to pick them up making you "chase" the item down. As far as I know this is a client only issue and is worsened by lag. This can make items appear to go into water disregarding the wall they should hit. As far as I know the the actual position does not change or at least only changes by the normal shifting amount because I think it is client only viewing error and I have had the character picking them up at a location different from where I see it. Also it gets worse if you try to click on the item as it shifts to pick it up rather than holding space.

Steps to Reproduce: I have no clue how to make it occur other than that it seems to only happen as a client and is lag related (I think the host's lag might matter more but I don't know for sure). It would be a good idea to try the different ways to pick things up to see how the different ways they act as well.

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