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Ideas for Female Characters

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Hey, I'm new here. I just wanted to make an account to share some ideas for female characters. I know we have 4 now (Willow, Wendy, Wickerbottom, Wigfrid) but I feel like at least one more is needed. Maybe more. With such a large variety of male characters, I feel really limited in DST when I only have 2 young girl options and 1 elderly woman. So, without further ado, here's some characters I drew and ideas I have





Ideas: I'd guess that Westlyn has fragile sanity or a weird eating disorder. There's already characters that are picky about their food so I'd go with sanity. My main idea would be for Grim, her cat. I think it'd be cool if you could control Grim if Westlyn is asleep, and he'd have night vision, and a weak claw attack. And if you're not in proximity of Westlyn when the sun comes up her sanity would go down dramatically until you came back.






Ideas: I put a lot of thought into this one. At first I just wanted to make a more feminine character.. but what kind of Don't Starve character is complete without having something dysfunctional about them? These are my first draft, rough ideas for the effects of "sin".


Lust. "So beautiful...~♥" It's best to stay away from Pigmen. She will fall in love with them and offer them anything she has.

Greed. "Sweet riches~!" Keep gold out of your inventory or her sanity will drop.

Gluttony. "Hungry..." If her hunger drops too low, she will eat a random item in your inventory, even if its not food.

Sloth. "Wuhh..." Sleeping has a price. Movement slows down 2 minutes after waking up.

Wrath. "Blood! Blood!" If White takes too much damage, she'll be sent into a fury and attack anything in sight.

Envy. "X thinks they're better than me!" White should be played solo. She tends to lash out at other players.

Pride. "I'm glorious!" Too many consecutive structures makes her proud and she'll obsess over it. (This one needs work.)



More to come. I was just eager to post my work so far ^_^

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Ideas: I figured WX needs a counterpart, so this character is supposed to be a porcelain doll. As such, I imagine she is extremely picky about what she wears and what she eats. I imagine she'd be picky about damn near everything. It'd be cool to see her as a challenging character to play since she is so limited. Maybe a perk could be that she knows a bit of magic like Wickerbottom. She's a doll, of course she's cursed or something. Hehe.

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