[Gameplay] - Improved farms don't grow veggies


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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Improved farms don't grow veggies

Issue Description: Hello!

I have just started my second seasonal cycle in a hosted server in DST ROG.

During autumn, most of the improved farms do not produce any vegetable, while others are working well.

The farm that are not working have had a seed planted during the summer season (I belived that with a flingomatic they will grow up, as in ROG single player happened, but they wouldn't. There was any change?). So, this seeds remained at the beginning stage for all the time of the subsequent autumn, even if I fertitilze that with lots of manure.

In addition it is not possible to hammer farms down.

I had to ignite the bugged seeds, try to be careful of not burn the building, to make them worked again.


Steps to Reproduce: Plant some seeds during summer.


Don't pick up veggies during summer, until they get waste.

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