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[Help] Help with character perk?

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Hello! This is my first time posting something here, so I hope I didn't break any rule.


I've been making my second custom character mod, but I know basically nothing about scripting in general. Last time I managed to add perks to my first character by copy-pasting scripts I found on this forum or parts from other character's .luas, and it worked- but it was pretty much out of sheer luck ahah.

I need my character to be damaged by rain like wx-78, but without the sparks (hopefully). It doesn't matter if waterproofness is too difficult to be included - I just need the character to take damage while it's raining.


Could someone give me a hand with this? I've tried using a part of wx-78's .lua, but it didn't work. Again, I know nothing about scripting :'y 

Thank you!


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