(Semi-blind) StrangeTemplar Plays Don't Starve

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Hello everyone, I would like to announce the start of a new Don't Starve series I am doing on YouTube!


I am excited to finally having time to take a deeper look into this game. I have had Don't Starve since it was in beta, but with all the other games I'd been playing I never had a chance to give it the amount of attention it deserved. It is time to fix that!

I am calling this series a "semi-blind" playthrough, as I have some experience with the game, but I don't know all the in's and out's of every game mechanic. In my last two worlds before I started recording I was able to survive through winter, but that is about as much time as I've been able to play before having to start over again from scratch. I have spent some time on the forums and the wiki reading up on various topics but I'm sure there will be more than my fair share of surprises in store for me. If this sounds like your type of series then I hope you will join me on my adventure!


My goal is to be able to upload a new Don't Starve video about every other day. I try to upload one video per day to the channel and will alternate between Don't Starve and my other ongoing Let's Play.



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