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(please read before you decide)Thomas The......SOMETHING (No longer JUST Thomas) {WIP} (UPDATE 1)

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HELLO fellow starving people (please come up something better for me)

Thomas now has a title HE IS......


So if you were one of the people who actually was interested in it. it should be awesome for me to say that we also have some concept art YAY

Although the mod is still not playable the mod is coming along

As a note about the art..... ermmm

It is a fan drawing of something I don't really know what it is but it's not totally the other artists work

Again it is BASED off of it

The artists name is: Rebornica

devainart: http://rebornica.deviantart.com/

tumblr: http://rebornica.tumblr.com/


now for the art




Now for the updates


Not much has changed since the last post

because it was only a few days ago

so if you want all the notes go to the previous post



Also again if you have any ideas please feel free to share them below if your idea is selected to be used you will get something special


credits (by steam name)


Dashie's lover - Programer and fourms poster

Plastic money - Artist and concept

No one (yet) -  Extra ideas

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