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Reign of Giants public test: March 31st Update

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I think I have something regarding the wetness meter. Whet you get wet the arrow only shows that you're getting super wet (as in it's always the biggest arrow going up). While drying, the arrow that goes down is always the smallest one no matter how close or far you are from the fire.

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Three bugs I discovered:

-Chester don't transform to ice at full moon. (even with 9 ice gem, one at each slot.)

-Pigs immediately respawns at the empty, vacant house when a fire was caught.

-Multiple krampus immediately vanishes into the bag after one was killed, despite still having a lot of items for it to take.

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Sometimes there is no sound when i say: It's <insert player name>.

I cant plant berrybushes and twigs using xbox 360 controller. Trees are plantable.


In case there is no server-rog-thread...:

My server do not save players, but world. If you reconnect, you will have to choose a new character. I am going to verify, if a mod cause this. !! It is a vanilla problem !!

Everytime i update the server, the dedicated-mod-*.lua in /mods/ is replaced with default one.

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Sorry for a late reply (I've literally barely been online this week), but someone mentioned, in the last thread, about our farms facing the wrong direction that our perspectives just might be skewed. The thread is of course locked and I can't reply there.


It's definitely not our perspective, that we can change with q and e. Because we both had our maps and perspectives oriented the same way but our farms were facing different directions on the screen. We also tried shifting to see if this would fix it and someone else confirmed that their clients had this issue as well.

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