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Creature Ideas- Stuff.

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The body of a Cougar and head of an Owl.


Health : 250


Damage : 25


Attack Period : 2


Attack Range : 2-4


Running Speed : 10


Insanity Aura : -20 a min


Loot : Meat, Owgar claw - (Used to make a special spear)


Spawns from Owgar nests.


Owgars would normally be solitary, but would hunt in a pack with young Owgars until the young ones grow up.

They hate hounds.


Cannot be found during winter.

Nests can be found though.




A big fish with sharp teeth. Can move on land.


Health : 100


Damage : 20


Attack Period : 3


Attack Range : 3


Moving speed : 6 (flopping around)


Insanity Aura : -5 a min


Loot : Fish, fish bones. (fish bones would be junk)


Spawns in ponds. (chance of being fished out of a pond instead of a normal fish, would then try to kill the player)


Disappears during winter.


Hope you think these are some good items! :D


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