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[Help!] A burning plant-man character

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so i'm making a custom character that is a burning plant-man (Sylvari actually, but i suppose not everyone knows who that is)


So, I tried copy/pasting some things from other mods and characters and got most of what I wanted that way, but there still something tht I can't get to work : <


-damage by any liquid (rain, snow, puddles if possible)

-sanity drain drasticly when exposed to moisture 

-gain sanity when near the fire

-can only eat wood, grass, twigs, flowers, ash, charcoal and gains health from doing so

-can't wear burnable armor and hats

-resistant to heat and cold (if possible can radiate heat)


He also has a custom item - fireball. All in all I like how it works, but how can it drain sanity with each use?


Thank you all in advance!

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