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Making a Character Unable to Heal

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I'm trying to make a character that, in certain situations, gets no benefit from / is completely unable to use healing items such as healing salves and honey poultices. 


Problem is, I don't know how to do that, and I can't find anything, in the base game or other mods, that does something similar. Any ideas?


I'd prefer to avoid editing the honey poultice and healing salve files if I can. 

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@Patriarachnid You can put that in the modmain, but if it's supposed to be character specific, you can put it in your character file too with a few modifications.

For use in the character's file, just remove this part:


When do you want to activate/deactivate it? Just call the disable_heal or enable_heal functions.


Edit: Have a look in actions.lua, the part with the Heal action's function. You can see that it's what calls functions in the Healer component, so changing it to an empty function will deactivate it.

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