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So lately I have been watching a lot of streams through twitch of people playing some version of Don't Starve. A lot of the people in this beautiful community have made huge mega bases. These bases are very large, neat, organized, and beautiful. In fact, i wish i could explore some of their bases. So what i am proposing is that Klei should make a mode so that people who want to share their world can. It should be so that they cannot touch anything because there will be a lot of people jealous of such magnificence. You should be able to be a spirit, not a ghost, and float around the world with no worries about sanity, health, hunger, or destruction of the person's base. These spirits should have no affects on the game whatsoever but can still explore the map regardless. Lastly their should be a limit to the number of spirits in the server, and the spirits can only explore if the 'gallery mode' setting is turned on. 

If anyone is confused of what i just said, pls comment :D





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