[Gameplay] - Units that can move, don't move on screen


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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Units that can move, don't move on screen

Issue Description: Any units that are able to move don't actually move on my screen, as they get stuck in moving animation, but server side they're actually still moving and able to attack me while I move to their incorrect spot and attack mid air.

Ignore the black bars.. (I know why they're there) I was just quickly trying to record my issue, I originally even have it set to game capture, but it didn't capture my mouse as I was circling around the units that were bugged, but yeah.

And I know it's not the mods I have (such as minimap HUD) because I've had them disabled to see if they were an issue as well, but as I've mentioned, this happens on servers with 30 tickrate it seems.

Seems like it only applies to whenever a server is 30 tick, just tested other servers and they were fine, only 30 tick ones. Well I'm not sure if it's just 30 tick, but that's the most frequent one I've had issues with, never really found out why either.

http://www.hitbox.tv/video/454996 - recording of my issue.

Steps to Reproduce: 30 tick server

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