[General] - Game Update 129926 - Steam Invitation Error


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Game Update 129926 - Steam Invitation Error

Issue Description: i7 laptop, 4 Gb ram, Windows 7 Pro x64, PowerShell (instead of CMD), added '- console' to '..nullrenderer.exe' input.

Relevant settings in 'settings.ini' before and after 2015-03-12 the game update, while running a dedicated server.


console_enabled = false

// to deny non-admin clients permission to issue console commands.

enable_snapshots = true

enable_autosaver = true

max_players = 8

server_password = password

game_mode = endless


Something to be aware of..

This happened after the recent patch..

Steps to Reproduce:

-Setup a dedicated server.

-Jointed as client.

-2 friends also join.

-3rd friend asked to be invited. I send a STEAM-based game invite to my friend from the STEAM chat box.

-3rd friend got some error message while in the game, and could not join. (will try to get details next time this happens)

-Told him to manually search our game server using the default way a client finds servers, and he was able to join that way.

Hope this helps! Thank you very much!

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