[Client Crash] - DST Crashes On Launch (64 Bit Kubuntu 14.04)


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Bug Submission:

Category: Client Crash

Issue Title: DST Crashes On Launch (64 Bit Kubuntu 14.04)

Issue Description: I'm running 64 bit Kubuntu 14.04. My copy of DST is on Steam; when I launch, it brings up the loading screen and then exits about half a second later (no error messages). I've tried all of the following: restarting system, verifying local cache, reinstalling, using different video drivers (integrated and Nvidia). I've never had any mods installed.

It worked flawlessly a little over a month ago, but I've had this problem for a couple weeks now. Interestingly, the original Don't Starve (also through Steam) launches and plays with no problems. I've also included that log.txt file.

DST log.txt: http://pastebin.com/ta4MBSyU

DS log.txt: http://pastebin.com/TGYQJZMa

If I can provide anything else, please let me know. Thanks very much!

Steps to Reproduce: Open Steam and click Play.

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One of the updates in the past week or so seems to have fixed this problem; everything is working again. Realistically, I can't imagine that this bug report had much to do with it, but thanks regardless!

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