[Crash] - Start mission: crash

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Bug Submission:

Category: Crash

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Start mission: crash

Issue Description: As soon as I launch the tutorial the screen goes black, trying to load the game, but then I get this windows saying "fatal exception occurred, a mdmp file should have been generated next to the invisibleinc.exe executable". I tried unistalling/reinstalling, and the problem is still there. Did not change a thing in the setting

With the story mode its slightly different, the error message does not appear, the music starts when I start the mission but then its back to black screen and nothing happens, forcing me to close the game.

Tried to start the game from steam and directly from the folder, error is still there. Included the txt, should have the crash log. Thanks for the help

Steps to Reproduce: Start invisibleinc -> play game -> start new game -> tutorial -> start mission

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