[General] - Multiple Tent users - stuck forever


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Bug Submission:

Category: General
Issue Title: Multiple Tent users - stuck forever
Issue Description: This is the second time i encountered this bug.

It seems like at least two (maybe even multiple) users can click on the tent about the same time and enter it.

As soon as the first person leaves the other stays stuck inside the tent. A quick relog can get ride of it though and works as a workaround so far.

While i do like the idea of using a tent together it might be better of to either work correctly, letting player leave and to be used up twice as much... or to be locked for only one person use.
Steps to Reproduce:


1. Get two players.
2. Time clicking on the tent about the same time.
3. Let on player leave.
4. Stay stuck forevers.


P.S.: Sorry this is pretty much a duplicate of http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/51266-gameplay-sleeping-tent-bug/?hl=tent! This can be deleted.

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