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Ability to kick Dead AFKs

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I've noticed a few times that people join dedicated servers and then go AFK for long periods.

This obviously has a huge negative impact on active players since they WILL die and everyone else then goes insane. 

If there could be a mechanic introduced to kick players that don't move or speak while on the server for a certain length of time this would increase the enjoyment of the multiplayer experience.

Alternatively there could be a Vote-kick system introduced, say in the tab out player list?


Otherwise this is an awesome and well built game!

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YAAAAAAS! and the more the people vote for the person to be kicked, the less time it takes. However if everyone votes to kick one player, they should be able to decline the kick. If they're AFK, they cant decline, time runs out, and they're gone. Also everyone should only be able to vote once per person (they want to kicked) otherwise it'd be too repetitive and annoying. So therefore us players would make sure that the AFK player truly is AFK because we only have one chance and otherwise we will be stuck with him/her foreverrrrr.

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