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Modder Needed! Vegetarian Character Mod

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Hello, I am looking for someone to make a character mod for me, and will pay for services. My character Ideas are as follows:


Brick, the Vegetarian


Health: 180

Hunger: 200

Sanity: 180


Power form mechanic similar to Wolfgang's.


Normal form: 0.9x hunger rate, baseline Wilson stats for attack, speed...


Power form: once you have 100 or more hunger, 1.5x speed, 1.5x damage, health regenerates 1 point every 10 seconds due to vegetarian health. I also want hunger to drain at the normal 1x when in power form, as opposed to the slower drain in normal form.


Nature lover: Gains 5 sanity from planting trees.


I want this character to be a fairly balanced mod, which I think it should be with the above stats. It has its perks, but as a vegetarian I think winter would be fairly devastating on it due to the scarcity of available food. You would have to be very intelligent when stocking up on food, and hopefully be able to forage some left over berries.


If anyone has any thoughts on the balancing please let me know as I may not be looking at every angle. And of course, the purpose of this post is to find a modder! If you are interested please let me know and we can talk reasonable compensation. I want my character to be as close to the original art style as possible. I am lost with the modding process, you really are my last hope at a personal character for my favorite game! Thanks for your time! 

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