[Gameplay] - Games don't sync up right for clients


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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Games don't sync up right for clients

Issue Description: I've seen it happen in videos and in-game myself. You're in your world with friends, you're both running around like idiots and then one of you gets bit by a spider and dies. You look up to see the days say 25, death info bar says the actual number, which is usually higher if it didn't sync right, it's different and I figured I'd bring this up if you hadn't found out about it yet.

Kind of a small issue, definitely doesn't break the game, but if you didn't know... you know now.


P.S. The picture I put was from Gassy Mexican's LP of D.S.T., where when they finally died from winter they seen the bug.

Steps to Reproduce: Just play the game for awhile and it might happen, every time I've played it I've seen it, but who knows that might be me.

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