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Announcements on Dedicated Servers (129059)

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I tested out the remote command: c_announce("Thanks for playing DST! This server will be shutting down in 15 minutes!")


as a client, and liked very much the way it was displayed: tucked unobtrusively at the top of the screen, yet clearly colored, sized, and noticeable.


I also tried this out from the Windows 7 PowerShell console (having added '-console' to nullrenderer.exe), and it seems to work.  Says it announced the exact message I typed in. 



> >


I know there is an Interval system for announcing regular messages, something like:


c_announce("Thanks for playing DST!", 60*60) for once every hour, but haven't tested it yet.


Might I suggest an announce feature where every time a player joins, an introductory announcement is displayed just for that player?  It can tell them such things as what the server rules are, or where to find the base camp (or whatever the admin decides).


And with that, an option to also extend the length of time that message is displayed would be nice too, such as keeping it up for 30-60 seconds. 



Thanks for reading! :victorious:

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