[Gameplay] - 3 Bugs in 129059 build


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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: 3 Bugs in 129059 build

Issue Description: Hello,

I hosted a dedicated server yesterday (Wilderness, no PVP, no Mods, 10 players), added '-console' when starting it up, and noticed the following issues come up:

1. Some birds sleep at the fringes of a Campfire, and I've seen Players walk to the edges of darkness and be able to kill them easily. I thought all Birds fly away at twilight? Dunno if some Birds are meant to sleep on the ground.

> >

2. World Generation: Ponds get stacked on top of each other. I saw two Ponds stacked right next to each other (overlapping, where u can see the grass shoots so close that they alternatively blink back and forth, the same effect you see when two Flint are right on top of each other). So the World Generator must have bugged out by placing Ponds like that.

Note: in the 'worldgenoverride.lua', Ponds were set to 'Often', in addition to a ~dozen other things.

> >

3. Sometimes a stack of Pinecones in the inventory can no longer be planted. You only get the Drop option, so right-clicking cancels the selection.

I had to drop the stack of Pinecones on the ground, and re-pick it up, to get the Plant option again.

Steps to Reproduce: That's all for now. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

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